We are the “Berlin Network for Vulnerable Refugees ” (BNS). Together, the BNS organisations are committed to people who, according to section 21 of the EU Reception Directive 2013/33/EU, are considered persons with special reception needs. Our consultations are available in different languages. Our consultations are for free: You do not have to pay any money. Our consultations are confidential. We do not tell anyone that you have called us. We do not tell anyone what you have told us, unless you want us to.

Since 2008 we advise and support:


Do you have any questions?

Do you need our support?

We discuss your personal situation with you.

Together, we will look for solutions.

We treat your information confidentially.



For survivors of human trafficking, the following specialised counselling centres are available in Berlin, amongst others:

Ban Ying e.V.
Coordination and Counselling Centre against Human Trafficking

Counselling centre for women affected by human trafficking



Additional Contact Points:
Health Center for Refugees GZF

The target group of the GZF are traumatized and/or mentally ill individuals who have applied for asylum in Germany after fleeing their home countries. People who were exposed to political persecution or civil war threats.


BNS is supported by:

Senatsverwaltung f&uumlr Integration, Arbeit und Soziales