In acute emergencies, please contact:

  • For physical complaints
  • For mental crises
    • Berlin Crisis Service

      Supra-regional on-call service of the Berlin Crisis Service
      Tel.: 030 / 39 063 00
      daily from 0 a.m. to 8 a.m. and
      on weekends and public holidays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

      Krausnickstr. 12A
      10115 Berlin

      During the night, the on-call service can be reached with any of the telephone numbers of the Berlin Crisis Service (automatic forwarding after midnight).

      The Berlin Crisis Service has a location in every district.

  • In case of domestic violence against women and their children
    • BIG hotline for domestic violence
      Tel.: 030 / 61 10 30 0
      daily between 8 am and 11 pm

      LARA Rape Crisis and Counselling Hotline
      Tel.: 030 / 21 68 88 8
      Monday – Friday, 9 – 18 h

      The Violence Against Women Support Hotline
      Tel.: 08000 / 11 60 16
      initial telephone consultation with the possibility of language mediation

      LARA – Rape Crisis and Counselling Hotline
      Mobile Counselling for Refugee Women

      Tel.: 030 / 21 68 88 8
      Email: beratung@lara-berlin.de
      Mobile counselling:
      Tel.: 030 / 21 63 02 3
      German, English, Arabic or with language mediators
      Psychosocial counselling in German, English, Arabic or with the support of language mediators*, group offers, accompanied visits to authorities, doctors*, etc., information on various topics, legal counselling in the field of family law, violence protection act and criminal law, referral to further support offers (e.g. protection facilities for women* and children, doctors* and therapists*)


  • If you are concerned about/for children and adolescents
    • Berlin emergency service
      Child protection hotline (around the clock)
      Tel.: 030 / 61 00 66

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