Specialised consultation service for refugees with disabilities, chronically ill and elderly people


We inform you about your rights and support you.


Together we will find the right support for you.


We support you with your applications, e.g.:

  • Disabled person’s identification card
  • Assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices
  • Care / nursing services
  • Social benefits

We support you in communicating with, e.g.:

  • Lageso
  • LAF
  • District offices

We advise you on your accommodation situation / dormitory.


We will put you in touch with social, legal and health offers, if you wish.


Appointments must be arranged by phone or email.


030 / 44 32 74 15
0157 / 344 297 93
0178 / 188 79 53          0157 / 34834940

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (10 am to 4 pm)

We organise linguistic mediation for the following languages:

Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Kurdish, Russian.
Other languages are available upon request.

We advise you anonymously, if you wish. You do not have to tell us your name.


Berliner Zentrum für selbstbestimmtes Leben behinderter Menschen e.V.
Gustav-Adolf-Strasse 130
13086 Berlin                              4th floor


Our rooms are accessible.

We will organize transport for you, if necessary. Please let us know.

There are two elevators, and the entrance doors have interior electric openers that can be opened from the inside.

The toilet is wheelchair accessible, has 2 foldable handles on both sides, and the door is 80 cm wide.

 Bus 156 Wigandstaler Straße
 Bus 158/255 Hamburger Platz



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